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TCP COM Bridge is a utility program that works as an RS232-TCP/IP software converter and allows to forward data from a physical or virtual COM port to an Ethernet network. Using this program, you can turn any computer into a "serial device server." TCP COM Bridge lets you create a connection between two COM ports on two different computers, even via the Internet. This way, you can build distributed data collection systems using legacy software that supports COM ports only. TCP COM Bridge lets you save money on buying hardware serial device servers, as a computer running the program can easily do the same task. You can connect or create up to 256 COM ports on one computer, which will simultaneously handle up to 256 RS232 devices. Owing to its features set TCP COM Bridge can sufficiently ease the work of software developers and testers occupied in the field of industrial automation. Furthermore, the program may also be useful in the reverse engineering as well as in educational needs. So go ahead and download FREE trial version now!

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